Sunday, February 10, 2008

Amazing Professional Photography Tip


Before i get started i thought i would share something totally random: the following
My personal challenge is to use a different hello every time i post.

Hello today I'm going to talk about,

The rule of three

what is it, does it do, how does it affect you? It affects slot by, being a very useful rule of thumb.

It's simply a usual rule that we take pictures before you take your shot visually divide to your picture vertically and horizontally thirds

You want the action surprise, the major part of the picture to be in one of those intersections an intersection is just where the vertical and horizontal lines meet, space where they make a + or an X.

this scientifically for a reason I cannot explode in makes you pictures more interesting, more unique, more appealing, not so bland. Like I said before, it is not a rule set into stone. It's just something known as helpful to follow that makes it easy.

Here is how it works

This is one of my photos i did back in december. Not a great shot but decent.Now the rule of three in action

Note: The black arrows are secondary, just to point out some of the interesting parts of this picture

As you see the major focus of this picture was the sun, which was put in the top right intersection point.

Exceptions to the rule: Anything

Here is my example

Thoughts, suggestions, Religious hate mail for an unknown reason all welcome and encouraged, maybe not the last one.

Hope to hear from you!

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