Friday, February 8, 2008

Review of my reviews


I thought i would start this project out with a little explanation on what i plan on writing about. Thought the title might help you there. Ok ok, ill keep the sarcasm down

Its going to be a blog about photography products which will including ups and downs, though i shall mostly be pointing out the ups because if a product had much downs what would be the point of reviewing it. and i shall toss in as many guides/tutorials and free stuff as i possibly am able.

On another side note i plan on focusing on digital photography and aspects shrouding it than film, and the reason for that is being i can hit a great audience for digital since it is used more than film in our day and age.

I'll touch on film everyonce and a while so don't you runaway if your a hardcore film fan. I shall still have content for you.

I plan on reviewing a product at least once a week.

Thoughts, suggestions, Religious hate mail for an unknown reason all welcome and encouraged, maybe not the last one.

Hope to hear from you!

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